About us

Most people being outdoor in the cold season may have experienced the frustration with their mobile phone loosing battery capacity quickly due to temperature. So have we!

We are five Norwegians in the company Eyepoc AS, enjoying winter sports and being outdoors in the cold season, skiing or hiking. The issue of losing battery capacity and even having the mobile phone turning totally off and loosing connection with others during a winter day, is both frustrating and a security risk.

In our small entrepreneurial business where we develop products for tourists and sports market, we came up with an idea to fix this problem. Thermopoc was born!

Thermopoc is a down-filled pouch for mobiles, which protects and insulates very well. The pouch has a string for easy closing even if you are cold on your hands and have your gloves on, and a carabiner for attaching to your backpack. Inside there is a pocket for keeping personal things like credit card and keys, which consumers gave as feedback during testing.

The first products where launched in Norway in 2017 and became an immediate success. Both consumers and retailers, first in Norway and then in Sweden asked for the product.

After two winter seasons, we have several hundred retail customers within sports, ski resorts/ski rentals store and tourism in Scandinavia, and additionally some customers in Central-Europe, USA and Canada.

Thermopoc is a registered trademark with a patented product design.

Contact on email: Asgeir.moripen@eyepoc.no or phone: +4793251402.

Eyepoc AS, Tvetenveien 30B, 0666 Oslo, Norway, Org.nr. 991 751 327.